"Legend has it that when God was giving lands to the peoples of the world he forgot the Bulgarians. To set things right he took a piece of Heaven and gave it to them."
Plot No. 106022

Name of the area - Varna road.

About 300 meters from the Osenovo villa area. Pine forest - 2 000 sq. m. It is suitable for construction of a private home. The forest is located on the highest point with a wonderful view of the entire bay Balchik to the east. Great place to invest, 16 kilometres from Varna near Albena and Golden Sands. 6 kilometres from the beach of Kranevo, but at the same time a good distance from the city, in a quiet rural area, giving a feel of remoteness. Walk to Albena is 40 min. A 20kW power line runs through the plot's northern part. To the south it borders the B tarmac road to Varna. Entire area around the village is clean, with no trace of industrial pollutants. The plot next to it is of the same size and is also for sale thus forming one plot of 4 000 sq. m. allowing for flexible supply. There are both together and separately. The attached pictures are of the 4 000 square meters land.




Piece of Heaven...